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 Q and A with Gabriella Warren Smith.
a_n article: Artists + Instagram: Gudrun Filipska, exchanging imagery and making connections
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Cognitive Sensations – Gudrun Filipska & Carly Butler                                   
The S Project: A digital walk from Cambridgeshire, Uk to Ucluelet, Canada.            
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Null Set and Slag Magazine Special issue; Volume 4, Rurality. March 2019. ‘Rural artist residencies/ locality and the Arts Territory Exchange’. 
Living Maps Review; The 'S' Project from Fordham to Ucluelet and Ucluelet to Fordham. (The shortest distance is not a straight line).
‘Connected by a Thread’
Gudrun Filipska in conversation with Veronica Sekules
Notes on pits
'Sublime Love and Seduction; reading the movements of KR Buxey's St Teressa' Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in The Sublime Now.  ED Luke White and, Claire Pajaczkowska. 2009
Coal dust and decrepitude in Darren Almond's 'Schacta'