Journey to Goslar 2010. Film Still




My practice is interdisciplinary in nature, I work across mediums including drawing, print, video and found objects/images. I also consider writing to be part of my practice. My work has at its root a concern with transience, particularly walking, and I make visual and auditory works primarily responding to over prescribed landscapes (industrial and otherwise).

The act of walking and journeying for me, serves as exploratory and performative.  I am interested in alternative ways of mapping and recording place; theories of 'the spacial turn', 'wild zones' and 'non spaces', intersections between the New German road movie and American traditions of the 'road trip', Youtube amateur road trip archives, religious spacial theory, Pilgrimage and the human relationship to wilderness. Over the past ten years I have also developed a body of work on Fugal subjectivity based on the psychiatric case studies of patients with a pathological compulsion to wander.

I use an array of visual technologies, customising and combining obsolescent and new systems, editing together analogue and digital footage and incorporating print and drawing. My work ranges from printed reflections on historical landscape painting to the digital, both visual and auditory.

I also collaborate as part of the fmr group a research partnership with William Filipski-McDonald creating work around our idea of 'Consensus Geographies.'

Recently I have undertaken an immersive research project in my home 'territory' and the wild Fen which surrounds it, which has as its interests, ideas of deep mapping, emotional cartography and wilderness as 'enclave'. The project has been mentored by the conceptual artist Lenka Clayton as part of An Artist Residency in Motherhood.

I have exhibited my work internationally and have experience teaching Fine Art and theory in various capacities. I run a gallery specialising in miniature artworks and am the founder of a collaborative arts program called The Arts Territory Exchange.

Phd Research