Still  Medlands.

Still Medlands.

Still -  Medlands.

Still - Medlands.

A series of digital films shot on a mobile phone from the window of the car on journeys through the Fens. The word Medlands comes from a colloquial term for meadows documented by the writer Thomas Sternberg in the 1800's. Sternberg’s writing also documents the colloquial dialect of the tramping poet John Clare, who skirted the Fens around Peterborough and Stamford. John Clare lamented the draining of the Fens, the enclosure of common land in the 1800's and what he called 'the merchandise of farms'.

This series of films includes all the distortions and pixilations created by a technology unable to cope with the speed of travel, and sound in real time of the radio and car journey conversation. Medlands references and becomes part of the large collection of amateur road trip archives on Youtube.