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Lumen London - Envisioning Other worlds 2019.


Artist duo Gudrun Filipska and Carly Butler continue the exploration of the physical and virtual in The ‘S’ Project, which traces the artist’s footsteps through a combination of real and virtual walking, using tracking devices and technologies. By translating their physical lives to an online map, the artist’s digital avatars travel through carefully designed routes between their hometowns of the UK and Canada, reflecting the co-construction of digital and material realities.

In the critical analysis of digital culture, the virtual and physical realm can sometimes be seen as separate entities, referred to as ‘digital dualism’. The ‘S’ Project, however, draws upon the interconnectivity of these worlds, where our selves are not separated by ‘online’ and ‘real’ life, but are instead increasingly morphed together. This perspective is strongly reflected by digital critic Nathan Jurgenson, who theorises that ‘digital and material realities dialectically co-construct each other’ into an ‘augmented reality’. How will our future look in light of this merging existence, and what does this mean for our sense of space and connection to the environment?’

Gabriella warren Smith for COGNITIVE SENSATIONS at the CUBE.


Queens Museum - S.T.E.P. 2018


‘I met Gudrun Filipska through Instagram in the beginning of 2018.  I was living in remote, northern Iceland at the time and searching for a way to connect with other creative types who were similarly living far from a perceived center. I was delighted to connect with her and talk about the themes that had been informing both ICEVIEW and my own work: solitude, isolation, community, and the ethics of travel…’ KT Browne for ICEVIEW MAG.


Blurb from CAS

An exhibition of work from the first stages of an ‘Artists Residency in Motherhood’, as mentored by British American artist Lenka Clayton. Filipska takes the experience of motherhood as a raw material, using as departure point her long standing interest in walking as artistic practice and fugal subjectivity and how this is altered by the presence of children. The show includes work documenting her daughters obsession with wrapping and enveloping found and foraged objects, the first part of a photographic project documenting daily walks, a video work reflecting the tedium and staccato rhythms of a walking pace set by children and a series of drawings referencing historical landscape painting.

This exhibition forms the first part of the Beating the Bounds project which will take place during the two year residency and further develop ideas of territory, boundaries, transience and motherhood. It’s also part of the BBC get Creative Family Arts Festival, happening throughout October – and Cambridge Art Salon’s We Are Family programme.


The Art Insider. Oct 16th Ruthie Collins.

'... really excited about artist Gudrun Filipska’s upcoming show, opening on 21 October, revealing experimental new works, as part of her Residency In Motherhood (as mentored by conceptual artist Lenka Clayton), at Cambridge Art Salon’s 1 Thrifts Walk venue.

Gudrun’s work is fascinating – she’s previously cut her teeth as an artist exploring the heritage of post-industrial spaces, such as mines, so it will be a treat to see the work developed under the residency'